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[EU] ꙳✧⭒꙳✩ ? Galaxy Cowboys ? ✩꙳⭒✧꙳


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꙳✧⭒꙳✩ ? Galaxy Cowboys ? ✩꙳⭒✧꙳ is looking for epic people that are active with their goal set to team work.(checkout our banner HERE)

We offer you✩ Democratic Events!✩ Guild Missions✩ Basic and Advanced raids signup✩ pug with other guildies whenever you want✩ Static Raid teams✩ CMs✩ Strike Missions✩ Awesome Galaxy themed Discord✩ Guides✩ Friendly and fun guild based on good values✩ If not in static team, you can still join random events weekly✩ Build a community

We are looking for you!✩ Friendly✩ Desire to do things in group✩ Helping hand✩ Give and take advice mentality✩ Active✩ End game content✩ Growing with us✩ Helping command in raids, cms, strike missions, meta events, etc is very welcome

Activities✩ Schedules based on your votes!✩ Random pings daily for events on the same day or through signup

ContactDiscord ✩ Xyroxis#6703GW2 ✩ Xyroxis.2509Join directly: http://galaxycowboys.ga

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