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Map differences


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Uhm, EB is a full WvW map with objectives. OS is a glorified jumping puzzle. Anet added an arena to OS for guild fights as well. Originally OS wasnt even a WvW map you could jump to - it opened from a portal in your borderkeep on EB when holding stonemist castle (may remember wrong, maybe it had skmething to do with winning. Bah cant remember).

The home map advantage is where you spawn, having 2 towers and garrison nearby.

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OS is a giant jumping puzzle with traps with an arena. You needed to gain access through your EBG keep, I don't remember also needing to own smc for this, otherwise only one side would be in there at a time. At one time it was used as a massive 3 way to farm for the ultimate dominator title - kill 250k players.

EBG is the wvw map with the most objectives, and all 3 sides mostly evenly placed unlike the borderlands.

Alpine/Desert are borderland/home maps, they give home defenders an extra tower that is closer to their spawn and easy to defend, this is why there always needs to be three of these maps, one map for each side to keep it even.

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