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Need help deciding

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Im finding my self enjoying WvW but im having a hard time deciding what class i want to roll

Now ill admit im pretty new still to the game and iv got two level 80's but iv not really done any end game content and i only recently started playing wvw (idk if thats the popular game mode but i enjoy it) but idk wwhat class to run for it i was considering eng or a deadeye thief but..idk is there a like "meta" or is it one of those things "just get good at your class and anything goes" kinda situations

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Any type of support is usually a good choice if you plan to play in random zerg vs. random zerg. Most professions can offer a valid form of support (offensive or defensive) that can help give your zerg friends an edge over random zerg enemies. You can check out metabattle.com for all the of "meta" builds for support in wvw. If you want to solo roam and cap camps/kill guards anything with high mobility/high burst damage is usually preferred since you'll be bouncing between points across the map.

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I can't speak to largescale WvW, but if you want to play it smart as a roamer, mobility and stealth are a good idea. Even if you aren't a great fighter, the ability to strike first and disengage at will can help you to both win more fights and survive when you lose! If you choose a build that more or less has to commit to killing or being killed in every engagement, it might be a frustrating experience - especially if being killed is the outcome more often than not!

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It depends on what you prefer and what expansions you have :)


  • As a power thief (core s/d, daredevil d/p or deadeye rifle/s/p) you will be squishy, but your damage will be good and you can easily hit and run while easily being able to escape most dangerous situations. If condi is your thing (core/daredevil p/d or d/d), you will have alot of success since not everyone runs alot of condi cleanse - keep in mind this build has less escape potential than the power one.

Engi:If you are new to the game, I can't recommend Holosmith enough. It has it all, damage, range, durability, mobility, combos, conditions and sustain - perfect for roaming. The only downside is that it has less stealth and teleports, so you can't escape some fights. If you rather want to heal people all the time, Scrapper is the natural choice. Core engi is incredibly hard to play these days, and it can only be effective with full condition builds.

Here's a few tips to give you an easier time surviving:

  • Stay at a distance until you want to enter a fight, this way you can always increase the gap if they chase you
  • Keep the environment in mind. You can always stay near a ledge you can glide from to escape a group coming for you f.ex.
  • Keep your stunbreak button easily within reach.
  • Learn your best evade/invuln/block/shroud rotation, all professions have one and it will save you when you get pulled into a group 50 strong.
  • Offense is your best defence. This is particularly true against thieves, as half of them will leave you alone if they realise the kill is not for free.
  • Staying near an objective of yours is always smart, that way you can go inside the portal when low on cooldowns.
  • There is nothing you can do in WvW that is unfair, and shrug of any salty whispers you might get. It's a pvp mode, surviving is your #1 priority and you have the same tools to do so as anybody else.

For power thief I recommend Marauder (requires HoT) gear, without expansions a mix of berserker/valkyrie/assasins.

For condi thief Dire is perfect, but if you have HoT you can use trailblazer gear instead.

Holosmith can use a mix of berserker and marauder until you feel comfortable surviving with your hp.

Scrapper always performs best with minstrel (HoT) gear, but a mix of cleric/magi will do in a pinch.

In most cases, using a rune that gives "+10% health" can allow you to skip valkyrie gear altogether meaning you get to keep your crit chance high which is always the best outcome on power builds since they rely heavily on it for damage.

If you struggle with condi cleanse, you can always craft (lvl 400 weaponsmith, artificier or huntsman) a Superior Sigil of Cleansing - it's really good for WvW.

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