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Cant get to Darkrime Delves story instance. Is this a bug?

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Im currently playing trough The Icebrood Saga, Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire.

Ive entered a vision where im a charr and ive escorted a tank from the bottom, to the top of the map. After this escort i entered the Darkrime Delves there at the top of the map. When i defeated Almora i lost internet connection and i was kicked out of the instance, back to the vision at the start of the camp from where the tank departures. Now im trying to walk back to the top of the map to the Darkrime Delves story instance that is marked on my map, but halfway there im getting a debuff and if i keep walking i get teleported back to the starting camp.

The debuff is "Vision Boundary"It reads "You are straying outside the boundaries of the vision. Portals cannot be used here."

So how am i now suposed to walk back to the story instance marker?i have tried several times but i keep getting teleported back.

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