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[Video] Ranked - Core Eng Condi Build **OMEGALUL**

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Thanks for the vid, was pretty fun seeing pistol gameplay.

I would suggest taking elexir over supply crate for moa and stab/cc. You get way more value out of that kit. Also I'd probably take battering ram over goggles, it gives you burning and a really fun cc skill to boot.

I don't think pistol is a good weapon unfortunately on any engi build, it's too focused on single targeting, relatively short ranged and doesn't have any interesting utilities or burst set-up. I would guess that something like scrapper flamethrower would have more of an effect.

This is the problem with any core engi builds atm unfortunately. Too much high maintenance for minimal results :(

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@KrHome.1920 said:Not a single downed target on your own - only a few leeches.Lots of boring stalled encounters.A lot of rocket boot escapes.

Yeah thats sidenoding in GW2 right now. You dont ever kill anyone on your own, you always wait for a +1. And as a result, if no +1 comes, encounters stall. Thats why we saw the synchronised dancing in MOTA.

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