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Why is Zunja's Necklace so expensive?

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I'm not sure but I think the limited supply might be part of the reason. It's a relatively obscure item in that it only comes from 1 karma merchant and only after completing an optional achievement which gives 2AP and no other rewards - meaning there's little incentive to go out of your way to do it. On top of that it can only be purchased from the NPC once per account, so people who do know about it can't create much of a supply on their own.

You can see an extreme version of that with items like the rare weapons where the name is literally just 'Staff' or 'Torch'. They're gold rarity with default skins and absolutely nothing special about their stats but you'll sometimes see them listed for hundreds or thousands of gold on the TP. It's literally just because someone got hold of one and not seeing any others listed for sale assumed it must be incredibly rare and valuable and set a very high price, then other players who get them (if any) follow conventional logic and slightly undercut the current lowest sell order, but it never gets to the point where enough are listed to bring the price down to something reasonable.

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@Cyninja.2954 said:Also it's by far the cheapest 4-stat necklace at that price, and marshal's is not a terrible stat combination, even if not used in many builds.

Depends on which price you are referring to. The karma cost is extremely cheap so I assume OP is referring to the TP price which is definitely not cheap for what it is. It is also possible to craft an equal or better item for less even if you leveled a new level 400 Jewelcrafter for every item.

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