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Conquest PvP Build // Blood-chilling Reaper


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Sharing my latest build for Reaper after the latest PvP patch.I tried to incorporate some of the new skills and traits - namely Dread and Well of Darkness into the build.Also tried to have something different than current meta so people can explore and discuss.

The base of the build is Deathly Chill which will give Bleed when you Chill.Reaper got Shivers of Dread which will Chill when you Fear.So when you Fear, you also Bleed + Chill.

I take Spite because this also synergizes well with Fear.You got the new Dread which will give Fury and Quickness when you Fear.You also can take Bitter Chill which will inflict Vulnerability when you Chill.So now when you Fear, not only you gain Fury and Quickness, but you will also Chill + Bleed + apply Vulnerability.When you combine this with Decimate Defenses in Reaper trait line, you can get pretty respectable Crit Chance.

I take Blood Magic for more survivability and Blood Bond which will cast Lesser Signet of Vampirism whenever you apply 4 Bleed so you can life steal more. This complements our trait combination well.

For weapon choice the obvious one is Staff.You will hit really hard with Staff, more than any Core Necro can with the same weapon because of above synergy - while life steal!I choose Axe + Focus to finish single target enemies after bombing them with Staff skill combo.Open with Focus 4 + 5 for Vulnerability + Bleed + Chill + Boon Rip and after that your Axe 2 should hit like a truck.If there is any survivor, you should have enough life force to enter Shroud or enter Lich Form to wreak more havoc. Start with Shroud 3 or Lich 3 to Fear and proc Dread and just go mad. Lich 2 applies more Vulnerability. Shroud 5 will Stun and Chill AND prepare Ice Field so you can use Shroud 4 to spin to glory - more Chill, more Bleed, more Crit + APPLY POISON.

Super annoying but rather squishy with only one Stun Break.You have to rely on Rune of the Traveler for 25% Movement Speed, unlike those Rune of Speed Reaper who can just kite super fast.

Well of Darkness is the ultimate AOE - giving Damage AND Condi Damage because the Chill will proc Bleed, while Blinding enemies.

Spectral Ring for more Fear, but I can see people want to take something different for more survivability or Stun Break.

I take Carrion but still testing what amulet will be the best.I can see Wizard working for even more damage, Sage for a bit more healing, and perhaps even Celestial for a bit of everything.

Try it and let me know what you think, and perhaps even giving me more ideas on how to make this better.

BUILD LINKhttp://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAYd3lVwUYdMP2JOuSvNXA-zZoOkGlA5rCSYIIvB

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