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Perfected Envoy Gloves (light) stow effect doesn't complete all the way


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Hello everyone,

I would like the following bug:

Bug Description:The light legendary Perfected Envoy Gloves will not stove the spikes when out of combat. The anmiation of the stow effect, doesn't complete all the way.

Known Facts:

  • The animation will only complete 100% when wearing the perfected Perfected Envoy Shoes or Perfected Envoy Vestments.png Perfected Envoy Vestments.This means, only when i wear one of the two other armor parts, it will stow the spikes.

  • It seems to only happen with female, human Characters

  • Some people said, it only happens to other gloves with transmuted legendary skin. But it also happens to my not transmuted legendary gloves.

-Edit: I now tried transmute the gloves to another skin and retransmuted to legendary skin. Did not fix it.

This is how it looks after 10 sec out of combat:


I hope this will be fixed, cause it makes me very sad. I really like the gloves.

best regardsFlow

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