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Seeking social guild to meet friends and play with

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Hello! I'm a new player to Guild Wars 2. I have just recently finished leveling to 80 on my main character who is a ranger and now I'm not really sure what to do or how to progress further. I could use the guidance of a social guild with experienced players.

I'm interested in raids, but I don't think I have the equipment or experience to be successful at them yet. PvP is not especially interesting to me just because I'm bad at, but I could definitely find it fun if I were playing with friends. WvW seems exciting but confusing.

I'm on the NA Server Isles of Janthir. My timezone is EDT (East coast USA). I'm pretty active in the game, playing for at least a couple of hours every day. I would play more if I had friends! I have a discord too.

I have a level 80 ranger who I think will spec into being a druid because I am used to playing healer / support roles in MMOs (and because druids are just cool). I still have my level 80 boost from buying the expansions so I can get another 80 quick too. I was thinking of making a firebrand guardian.

My ideal guild is relaxed but active, has a discord or other active comms channel, and is not sexist or anti-LGBT (gotten burned in the past with guilds that had a problem with me...). Let me know if you're recruiting new players!

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