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Justicar Adrienne


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I took a long long break from the game over the last few years, came back and am catching up on living story etc..

This fight is an embarrassment. It may be the single worst piece of PvE content I have played in a game. Who thought it was a good idea to have a single inch window where you can stand???

Please someone tell me what the fuck to do

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From WikiShe will be invulnerable to all damage until her shield is removed. To remove it, approach and attack the bloodstone shard in the center of the room until it fires a beam at you. Use the Counter Magic skill to enable you to move normally, then move toward the outside of the room so that Adrienne will be caught in the beam between you and the bloodstone. This will remove her shield and knock her down. Deal as much damage as you can before she renews it. If she gets the shield back, repeat the process until she's dead.

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You don't even need to attack the crystal, just stand somewhat near it and it'll start zapping you for you to counter.

Also, due to the speed of your movement while the crystal is beaming you and Justicar's speed while spinning, it's often easier if you try and go where she's heading and wait for her to beyblade into the beam rather than trying to chase her down.

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