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API key stops working spontaneously, requiring me to make a new one, not always related to updates


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Over the course of the last year I have recreated my API key probably 30 times or so. Whenever I get an error telling me that the API is not working, I make a new one.

The way I make a new one is I check off every box listed for permissions and title the API key the date of its creation. I used to delete my old API keys but now for reference I have started keeping them to see if there is a pattern. I've only started keeping them since June and am on my third API key since then.

I primarily use my API key with gw2efficiency.com and the gw2bot on discord, but have used it with other sites and services in the past as well.

This does not appear to be related to any big game updates from what I can tell. The dates of my last three API keys (which would correspond to the dates that the previous API key stopped working) are:June 15th 2020July 15th 2020July 17th 2020

I've spoken with other people in my guild primarily and none of them have had to make new API keys like I have to.

I've tried making API keys with less permissions but it has not made any significant difference on the occurrence of this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions to this problem? Is there anything that I can do?


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