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My Necro Builds

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I need someone to look thought on the builds I made for my character. I will be doing mostly PvE stuff in case you asked. I will also tell you a bit about the characters I like to think up for them, and I do need help thinking of names for them.___ The Undertaker or Dr. Frankenollie: This Asura is the differently of a mad scientist. A member of the College of Dynamics who tends to mess around with dead bodies. Even at a young age, he tries to make a giant golem out of flash and bones. He was briefly part of the Inquest but left after realizing that the test subjects were not willing. He dreams of bringing people back to life, not as Risen but as more like ordinary people, only a bit more rotten, like the Forskan of WOW. He has known to hang out with the Charr not only think they would like to have an army of flesh golems but to test his reanimates skills on the ghost of Ascalon. He joins the Durmand Priory to further study into the Necro arts.I have made a few builds for my Necro. I differently love the whole Reaper spec, so most of them have that in it. This one is my Minion build. These two are chilly best, one. For more Defense and one more offense. This final one I try to make into a self-healing Necro with life steal and coni damages. The first three I think I got right thought I need help to decide with traits in the second tree of the Reaper spec I should go with.

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In PvE you can play whatever you want without worrying to get nuked.

What's important there is focusing on damage and in all of your 3 builds you picked offensive gear (marauder, sinister) and the appropriate weapons for the damage type you chosed - both are the most important things. The rest is just some skill variability that the game does not start to bore you.

So yes, not to bad builds you posted there for PvE. Far from meta stuff of course, but who cares?

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Far from an expert here, but for your Offense build, Decimate Defenses will put you at 100% crit chance- though you'll overshoot when in Shroud. Alternatively, Soul Eater also works if you're using greatsword mostly in this build for extra damage and some healing.

For the Defense build, Chilling Victory is the way to go. You have so many chill conditions to stack that this will come up often. This provides longer uptime in shroud and healing outside of Shroud thanks to Blighter's Boon. My experience in defensive builds is that you try to fight more at a distance and kite the enemy, so Soul Eater is not as useful.

I run a Chilling Reaper as well and the main condition I have to consider is making sure I don't overchill. An enemy can only have 5 stacks of chill at a time. It really just means not spamming all my chill attacks at one time. I use Runes of Ice, though, so it's easier for my chills to overlap.

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So After some time think I deiced to make some changes to my necromancer, basically able to switch one spec for another at any time I want. I basically have two builds, one for power and one for condi damages. Two slots are taking but the last ones are open for me to switch out for another when I feel like it.Reaper:Minon/Life Steal/ShroudScourge:Minon/Life Steal/Shroud

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Aight, so I'm just gonna address traits and gear.

Minionmancer: I'm seeing this is a Power DPS build. Bitter Chill is a solid choice, but I think Spiteful Talisman might be a better pick not for the CD reduction of Axe and Focus, though that is a nice bonus, but a 10% damage bonus is such a solid increase that will stack on top of vulnerability applications. Also, generally in group content vulnerability stacks will be capped almost 100% of the time and you don't really need to worry about it all that much. Awaken the Pain is a great trait, solid choice that just overall gives you more throughput, again, group content will mean you will have might stacks capped most of the time. Close to Death, honestly the only choice imo.

Flesh of the Master is good cause you're giving your minions more survivability, but considering you've taken Death Nova, you kinda don't care if they die as you'll benefit from Death Nova even more. So I would probably take Putrid Defense instead. Sure, you're not a condi build, but 15% more damage is 15% more damage and it synergises better with Death Nova. Deadly Strength is honestly only really something I would take if I'm going into Death Magic but without minions, you're only really getting 300 additional power at max stacks which is decent, but Necromantic Corruption gives each minion a 25% damage increase plus you get increased survivability from the constant condi cleanse.

Chilling Nova is good, you don't even really need to pick up a lot of chill to benefit from it, in group based content with high crit you're basically proccing it on cool down and solo the proc rate will still be solid so you don't really need to worry about increasing your chill uptime unless you're specifically going for a chill build. I would recommend Soul Eater purely for the 10% damage increase and the self healing is a nice bonus, though, you'll only benefit from this in basically melee range. If that's something you're not yet comfortable with, then Chilling Victory and Decimate Defenses are both good options to go with probably leaning more towards Decimate Defenses. Finally, I would recommend you take Reaper's Onslaught as it's just straight up a super solid pick, pulsing quickness, 300 ferocity, and shroud cd reduction are all great for a Power DPS build. Blighter's Boon is a nice to have, but outside of shroud you're only going to benefit from it through Siphoned Power (or Chilling Victory if you pick it) and in shroud you'll benefit from your AA.

For gear, I would suggest going full Berserker as being a Necro you have much higher survivability with shroud and that's further amplified with Necromantic Corruption so it's a lot easier to survive in Berserker as a Necro and you'll just be able to push out more damage without sacrificing much survivability.

Sigils I would go with Superior Sigils of Air and Force. Runes, either Superior Rune of the Scholar or Strength. Strength will be easier to maintain the 5% damage buff, whereas once you get really comfortable with Necro and dodging the mechanics, Scholar will be stronger because of the Ferocity gain.

So the minionmancer build would look more like this.

If you'd like me to look at the other builds, just let me know, but for now I'll just leave it at that as I feel you may see my logic with what I've written.

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