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My Engi Build: Explosive Power

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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I need someone to look thought on the builds I made for my character. I will be doing mostly PvE stuff in case you asked. I will also tell you a bit about the characters I like to think up for them, and I do need help thinking of names for them.He is not like other Charr, while others are more aggregated. He a big old soft but delivers massive explosive damages to protect his friends and allies. He Joins the Vigil to protest those who can't do it themselves and build weapons for those more powerful than him to use. I think I got it about right with it out of all of them, but don't hurt to have someone thought my Explosive build, throwing bombs and grenades to every at everyone is how I would like to play my Eng I also would switch the rocket launcher with flamethrower when I'm with people who can aggro.

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Looks like a decent hybrid build. The only part I think could use some change would be Rocket Turret -- it's just an underwhelming skill in general. You'd be better off with throw mine for more control, less of a cooldown, and boonstrip if you want to keep the explosives theme.

If you don't care about the explosives theme, hidden pistol is a good racial skill. It's toolbelt is pretty sweet too. Flamethrower is a great option as well.

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