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My Thief Build: Gunslinger

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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I need someone to look thought on the builds I made for my character. I will be doing mostly PvE stuff in case you asked. I will also tell you a bit about the characters I like to think up for them, and I do need help thinking of names for them.Born on the streets, He learns how to talk his way out of trouble and found he was good with a gun. With fast shooting hands and hitting targets from a long-range, he became known as the top sniper for The order of whispered. Need help to decide wither to do the unknow parents or dead sisterJust like I said, I would like to play my thief like a gunslinger. Shooting from range and disappearing when there get close.Update: realized I didn't put anything in the deadeye spec and switch some gare around

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Your build could maybe take down precision and bring up power. I guess you should decide what your main hand or weapon is going to be most of the time and take an appropriate build for it and this forum has a variety. You can leap stealth with rifle 4 off of Snipers Cover for Initiative stealth and not use up your Utility.

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What Kash said with regards to precision. There's a few points of consideration here;

Runes. Rage runes are a bit wasted given you will have perma fury from M7 (grandmaster in DE) and unrelenting strikes (2nd minor in critical strikes) as long as you manage your malice well. You would be better off taking fireworks runes if you are new to the spec, as you'd get an additional fury proc along with might and vigor, extra power, boon duration and 25% move speed, all good stuff for a deadeye. If you are feeling confident in your rotation, I would recommend strength runes, explanation below.

Crit chance. You have 89% crit chance now, which means the second you get fury you are overcapped with 109% crit chance. Further consider that from critical strikes you get 10% extra crit chance while over 90% health (Keen observer, 1st minor trait), that's 119%. You're using assassin's fury for the might, but you have a lot of might generation from unload (P/P 3) and M7 already. If you took strength runes you would be at 25 might pretty much permanently, meaning you can take twin fangs instead (critical strikes, adept trait, 3rd choice) which brings you to 126% crit chance, while keeping the 5% damage modifier you got from your runes. You only need 80% with traits before fury to max out crit chance, your traits give you 17% crit chance so you want to aim for about 63% crit chance from your gear to get the full value from your traits and boons.

Armor. We've seen how you are currently sitting on 126% crit chance with fury and traits, that is obviously a waste of stats that could otherwise boost your damage. Full zerk gear gives you 65% crit chance; add 10% from keen observer, 20% from fury and you have 95% crit on P/P and 100% crit on rifle (silent scope gives a lot of extra precision on rifle). Add the 7% from flanking with twin fangs and you could keep your 100% crit chance while also having 500 extra power;http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PaxAoqRlVw8YYsL2IW2PuvKA-zxQYhojfHBTp0UI0XRFYimZEoyA-eI swapped the sigils on rifle simply because you're not going to be hitting as frequently with rifle as you do on pistols, so you will get more value out of energy and bloodlust overall.

The build you have is great if you plan on focussing on rifle, but you may find your pistols a bit lacking without be quick or be killed (DE grandmaster trait, 2nd choice). I also notice you are taking thieves guild elite, but not payback (DE master trait, 2nd choice). If you plan on focussing on pistols and use rifle as a backup for the range, consider taking these two traits as they will make a huge difference.

Hope this helps ^^

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I rechecked OP after above posts and realized mobile wasn’t showing his link very clearly....oops lol.

I’d mirror some of the comments above:

  • Your precision is too high. With Fury access through DE or otherwise your base crit shouldn’t exceed 80%.
  • In PvE you can combine Be Quick or Be Killed and Payback to basically have permanent quickness and access to your utilities far more often (boosting sustain and damage at the same time). This won’t work as well on larger bosses, however, because you aren’t killing and remarking small HP targets constantly. So I think keeping it as a Might/Initiative generating machine is better.
  • I think you can drop Shadow Arts for Deadly Arts. You get a nice boost to damage that way and you don’t need the extra initiative if you are getting resets from M7.


Is what I put together. Something that gets roughly 3.4k power and 250% crit damage and 100% crit rate with fury.

I might suggest, however, that you pick either rifle or P/P because having double projectile weapons will put you at a disadvantage in content with a lot of reflects. Thematically I get it if you don’t want to go that route though :)

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@"Cheshire King.6970" said:I will be doing mostly PvE stuff in case you asked.This says pretty much nothing, what kind of PvE are you talking about? Casual open world / story content? Fractals? Raids?

As saerni said there is generally no point in having both P/P and a rifle but not because "having double projectile weapons will put you at a disadvantage in content with a lot of reflects", the issue is much simpler: it's simply redundant to have both P/P and a rifle. Rifle lacks the range to deliver the kind of sniper gameplay people would assume to get (and the stupid "jumping around for Silent Scope" doesn't help either) so they end up filling pretty much the same role.

In regards to P/P vs. rifle it's quite simple: objectively speaking rifle is superior to P/P in every way (and I wouldn't count on A-Net to change anything about that unless ofc. they feel like nerfing rifle into the ground) but people still play P/P because they prefer the gameplay.

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