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My Ranger Build: Savage Beastmaster or Berserker Beast

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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need someone to look thought on the builds I made for my character. I will be doing mostly PvE stuff in case you asked. I will also tell you a bit about the characters I like to think up for them, and I do need help thinking of names for them.A newly born Sylvair, she is an excited, curious one who has a fondness for animals but doesn't let that fool you. Underneath her sweetness is a savages wild side to her. She Joined the Durmand Priory to learn more about the big world.I like the axes one this profession, so I thought of making her like those Viking berserkers, those that change in battle swing and thrown axes with a beast by her side. I create two different builds of the soulbeast, one for power and one for condi.

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