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Best WvW roaming build

Roach From Spongebob.9243

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Really any will work. Imo, the shadow arts builds are better for roaming but staff is often better for large group fights.

I've been playing DE rifle a lot recently very successfully. It certainly has its pros and cons. Largely that you don't have to get close to trap guards or necros. But d/p and d/d Daredevil will kill rifle everytime if it's a good player and the rifle de doesn't stealth and run. It is also better against certain other builds.I have issues with condi builds on my rifle DE but enjoy being able to attack from far.

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A few questions to help us help you;1) Are you thinking solo roaming, duo, party of 5, small scale (so less than 10), or floating around the edges of large groups?2) Do you want to be able to fight in structures? Or just around camps and in open field?3) Do you prefer stealth, mobility/evasion or condi? Do you want to blow stuff up in one attack, or chip away at an enemy while kiting?Thief with its ability to get OOC so easily makes it the perfect class to use specialised build templates, so I have 5 builds that I alternate between depending on circumstance. The poster above is correct though in that most builds and playstyles will have some measure of usefulness if you know how and where you use them. If you want to stick to one build for the sake of simplicity, give us some more info on your playstyle and what scenarios you see yourself fighting in and we can get more specific :)

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