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Legendary Greatsword - Eternity

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It appear the poster wants versions of eternity that is either only day version(eternal sunrise) or only night version(eternal twilight). You might say you could just use regular twilight or sunrise, but those lack the eternity gem on the pommel.This is a feature I would like add to eternity, because my character is themed around twilight, but I would also like to have the gem on the pommel. Because of the day night cycle, i will not be crafting eternity.This would be similar to obsidian weapon skins, you unlock slumbering version when you unlock the main versions. When you unlock eternity, you also unlock the only the day only version eternal sunrise, and the night only eternal twilight, which are twilight and sunrise with the gem on the pommel.Now you might ask the sanity of spending 2k for just a gem on a pommel, but you to remember this is fashion wars 2.

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@TwoGhosts.6790 said:I don't even...

I think you're missing the entire point of eternity.

And the solution to your problem, is your solution.

@Arcaniaxs.4519 said:If u have eternity and u want twilight skin just use your twilight skin... unless u used the other way of crafting eternity

Eternity on Night has much better particles than standard Twilight, same for Day version and Sunrise.

Particles on the character are different, the glow on the blade is different, footsteps are different, the pommel is different, draw effect is different. Eternity is much better looking and I don't actually feel like this would be hard to do, considering something similar is already avaiable: when you unlock Mistforged Chestpiece or Obsidian Weapons (for both PvP and WvW) you also get a Slumbering version with less particles.

My suggestion is exactly what @Shadowmoon.7986 is saying. Unlock Eternity and you get 3 skins: Current one, that cycles between day and night, a day only version and a night only version.

I believe this problem is something that holds a lot of people back from crafting Eternity, being it a big limitation to what is the most expensive weapon in the game.

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