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[Thief] Trick Shot Poison Damage is lower than listed

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More specifically, the "Damage against Poisoned Targets" listed on the tooltip is much higher than the damage that actually occurs on poisoned targets.This means that either the Tooltip is wrong and the damage listed is too high, or the Damage that is actually occurring is too low.

This issue is only present in PvP and WvW game modes. This issue does not appear to be present in PvE.

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The damage against poisoned target is only supposed to be a 25% increase but the tooltip and actual damage is rarely ever going to match since tooltip assumes 2597 target armor and doesn't factor in other damage multipliers.

The tooltip is showing a 87% increase which is completely off. The actual damage increase is correct in PvP. 933 against unpoisoned, 1166 after applying poison. That is a 24.97% increase.

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