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[EU] [Raid] Active Raid Trainings Guild - min. 8x Trainings per Week

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Hello Raid Lovers,

We are the [Zexy] raid trainings guild and teaching is our passion.We are doing this to help all kind of players to improve and get into raiding.We are specialized on Wing 5, 6 and 7 trainings, especially on Dhuum.

What we offer:

  • Teaching all Classes, Roles, Bosses and Mechanics
  • Offering solo trainings for Rotation improvement and Analysis
  • Fixed Schedule Trainings 7x Normal- and 1x CM-Training per week and this 2x on a daily basis (We have the Capacity to extend up to 4x Trainings per Day if we see the need to extend)
  • Help and Support from [CnD] Player
  • You can request weekly trainings and have impact on the trainings schedule on which wings we do
  • Trainees are always on kinda the same skill level, we categorized in 4 Types of Skill Levels so people with 400 LI will not mixed with complete Beginners (It still can happen when we need to fill or the training is open for all levels)

Requirements to join:

  • You wanna improve or learn raiding
  • Need to know how "Raid" is spelled
  • How to enter raids (Aerodome)
  • No need to join the Guild its all organised public over Discord
  • Join the Discord

How we do our Trainings:

  • Joining the Discord is important
  • Only Trainers, Officer and main static people are able to speak
  • You only have to listen to our explains and calls, so you can focus on your gameplay
  • We screenshare our trainings so you can see our POV while we explain mechanics
  • If a training is full we also screenshare or stream it so you can hear/see the explains and fails :D
  • We never focus our Trainings on Kills -> Learning and Trainings Mechanics is the Goal
  • Doing Fails or causing wipes is normal and fine


If you have any Questions, dont hesitate to comment or sent an pm.


Ingame: Kampfhase.6873Discord: Kampfhase#1337

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