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Superior Rune of Sanctuary inconsistencies (Bug?)

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So, Kitty finally got her hands onto those runes but they felt underwhelming as the description of 6th bonus says " Gain a barrier with health equal to 20% of any heals you receive." But then, after some testing at some bored moment, Kitty tested what's up with them and they appear to work very inconsistently. As some examples:-Guard healing an elementalist that has the runes on: Doesn't work with guardian's Bow of Truth, "Receive the Light!", Empower, Holy Strike, Wings of Resolve and Chapter 4: Shining River.-Guard healing an elementalist that has the runes on: Works with Chapter 1: Desert Bloom.-Elementalist healing self: Doesn't work with Overload Water, Geyser, "Wash the Pain Away!", Signet of Water active, Healing Ripple-trait, Water Elemental's Crashing Waves, Geyser.-Elementalist healing self: Works with other healing skills, Elemental Bastion-trait and Arcane Restoration-trait.-Mesmer healing self/allies: Works with initial healing of healing skills and Restorative Illusions-trait-Mesmer healing self/allies: Doesn't work with Well of Eternity's Ending Heal, All's Well that Ends Well-trait, Healing Prism and Restorative Mantras-trait.

Among those, there seems to be no logic on what is and what isn't counted as received heals for those runes. Pulsing heals seem to be majority in what doesn't count but some still do while some direct heals don't though they should. Healing skills ("Wash the Pain Away!" etc,) generally seem to work with the runes but not always. And it's not just limited to those as at least engi's heals suffer from same thing as well. Of course it's already known that passive heals affect those runes.

Below is a short demonstration of the problem:

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