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How can i train my moint mastery?

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You can only train masteries in specific areas. For mount masteries it's Path of Fire and Season 4 maps. (Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, The Desolation, and Domain of Vabbi, Domain of Istan, Sandswept Isles, Domain of Kourna, Jahai Bluffs, Thunderhead Peaks and Dragonfall.)

(For core game masteries it's any of the core game or Season 2 maps, for Heart of Thorns it's HoT and Season 3 maps and for Icebrood Sage masteries it's the Season 5 maps.)

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Also something like this might be helpful in determining the order to train the masteries.

There are some better detailed guides for a good order to train the mounts in PoF, but I apparently forgot to bookmark it.

Wait! Found it! Question I asked back in the day that was answered regarding a good order to finish up from where I was at. I think it follows the general "don't train any 4s until 3s are done", but had a more specific order.

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