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Blocking whispers from strangers

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Hey, I saw that there were already few topics about toxicity and direct messages (whispers) in the past but they are quite old and don't explain anything. I don't know why there were no actions on changing how direct messages work, especially taking in the account how vulnerable we are in MMO's compared to for example social media / discord (who take users privacy seriously).

I got totally mind wrecked by few whispers and don't want to play this game anymore if there is no way to prevent stuff like this, especially if I just want to play to chillout.Right now we can disable visibility of whispers but that makes playing problematic when nice people from my friend list would like to invite me to some open world activities etc. If I hide chat they would think that I'm ignoring them because there is no feedback what's going on.So I'd suggest adding new setting to prevent whispers from anyone else than friends (or option to block all whispers). If some stranger would try to whisper a person who activated one of these setting, the system would reply that's impossible to contact recipient with direct messages because of its privacy settings.

We already have profanity filters but these cover only a fraction of potential harming sentence. Please comment below what do you think about it and if it is possible to implement from game side.

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