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White Screen of Death

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I didn't play GW2 for a couple weeks during Dragon Bash (I forgot it was going on). Hop back on and now the first launch of GW2 every day results in a full computer lockup. Works just fine after forced shutdown and restart. I am perplexed.

Tomorrow I will attempt to reproduce again under different conditions and maybe I can figure something out.

Each day I turn on my PC, start up Discord, and turn on Steam (I run GW2 through Steam's overlay for the in-game browser).The first time I do this the screen turns white and the mouse cursor turns into a generic pointing hand. Nothing moves. The color scheme on my mouse freezes. CTRL+ALT+DEL do nothing neither does CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. I have to slowly smother the life out of my computer by holding the power button down (I have the quick shutdown by pushing the power button once disabled due to the presence of curious toddlers who like the glowy buttons).

After the forced shutdown I go through the exact same process again... only this time it works.

Tomorrow before I try to reproduce this again I'll try to start GW2 without any other programs running in the background. If it still happens I'll reinstall my graphics card the next day. So weird that it only happens the first time after the computer's been quiet and off all night long.

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