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[EU] [PvE] Gamers-Hell Community : [EU] [PvE] Players Vs Events:


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[EU] [PvE] Gamers-Hell Community :[EU] [PvE] Players Vs Events:

Hello There,

We are [PvE] The Open World Event Guild & Events are our Lives, We are Organizing Events for Everyone, to give the Guild Wars 2 Community the Best Open World Experience we can offer.

We Help you out with all kinds of events.

What we Offer:

    Commander Trainings
    Temples of Orr
    Hero Point Runs
    Untimed Meta's & Events
    Achievement Runs
    Event Requests
    Our Specialty is Dry Top Tier 6
    And a lot More !!


[CATs] Cats Are Terrifying Sometimes Events and More, Discord Chat/Voice, Ingame Chat
[DBR] Destructive Beasts Republic Random & Scheduled Events, cross-shared at different community's, Discord Chat/Voice, Ingame Chat

We are partners with: Lion's Plaza !! Lion's Plaza is an English speaking Gaming Community focussed on Guild Wars 2.
We are Partners with: Half life is [Real] !! Half life is [Real] is a German/French/Spanish/English Multi Gaming Community

How can you Reach us:
[PvE]: https://discord.io/Gamers-Hell
[CATs] https://discord.gg/bAU3Y64abC
[DBR]: https://discord.gg/RUHxY4pU48

Lion's Plaza: https://discord.gg/YcWXb6V
Half life is [Real] !! Half life is [Real]: https://discord.gg/K9MhDGMxfZ

Community Teamspeak: Gamers-Hell

How do we Organize our events:

  •     We message them on Our discord
  •     We Share it on our teamspeak
  •     We Share it in Our Guild Chat & MOTD
  •     Joining the Guild is not Neccesery to join our events, everybody is Welcome
  •     Joining Teamspeak And/Or Discord Voice Chat is by Your own Choice (Not every Commander uses Voice Chat)
  •     Joining the Discord for The Events is Important if you want to know the Activity's.

Greetings, Geri V

Ingame Name: Marko.3218
Discord Name: Geri#1562

Discord: https://discord.io/Gamers-Hell
Teamspeak: Gamers-Hell

If you have any Questions, dont hesitate to comment or sent an pm.


Geri V

Edited by Marko.3218
Change of Partner's and ally's
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