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[NA][TC][WvW][MAOR]: On the hunt for killers and madpeople

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Who the heck are we and why are we in this finely hand crafted basket? Let us dive into the details!My name is Fatherbliss and I’d like to invite you into my den of fights and beauty. I work the behind the scenes while my friend, confidante and awesome collaborator Vulk is the front man. Really he deserves a ton of credit. Recently we closed down our last guild to form this new one. We wanted a change. Here is where you come in.

Our goals:To create a fight-minded, cohesive team that can hold their own. From outnumbered fights, support other guild groups, all the way to running open squads often to support the needs of the militia. We want to form around a group of like-minded individuals. Its fine if you are in other guilds just please represent us when we are running events.

Things we are hoping to find:• Players who want to improve without the game becoming a second job• Playing smarter not harder (okay maybe after the lights go down – that’s another story)• Broad selection of class representation within our comp framework (subject to change)• Folks wanting to work together (we’ve got a rank for friends of the guild in order to work with others on the field. Scouts welcome.)


  1. Raid attendance: We require 1 raid a week of your time. Exceptions due to RL can be made, just come talk to us.
  2. Utilizing guild builds is required. They can change periodically, sometimes often, to accommodate the current meta. Suggestions and discussion on builds is always welcome.
  3. Being in voice comms is a must. Mic is not required, but the ability to listen is.
  4. We are a NA prime based guild. Our current raids are Tues to Thurs from 4pm EST up to as late as 10pm EST (subject to change). Friday night reset night starts 30minutes prior.
  5. Reset night is the most serious night of the week. It tends to set the mood for the rest of the week. Time to get bags, have fun and get ready for a week of fighting goodness.

Bonded by blood, driven by aggression, understanding through change. The Wardens are a bastion of hope and chosen family in a time of uncertainty. Plus I’m absolutely insane and I channel that through the ether to sniff out conflict…

Contacts:Discord: Fatherbliss#2680, Vulknot#6882In-game: Fatherbliss.4701, jedimhuman.6278

As above, So below.

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