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Why match last a week?


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@DemonSeed.3528 said:Ahh, are they one-coloring the maps again?No idea and it's not really a problem. You just can see in couple hours what this week will be. You fight mainly against same players whole time, zergs play same way whole week, two servers fight and one server just try to attack weaker one, same guild groups zerg you 5 vs 1 whole week and when you kitten somebody off he will stalk you whole week.

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Ahh my bad, I misunderstood. I do agree though, most of the time matchup outcomes are already decided by Sunday. Maybe have a trial week and do shorter ones like half a week or two day intervals? My only qualm would be people (the dedicated ones at least) might get burnout but it wouldn't be much different for a dedicated player playing normally I suppose if they play a lot regardless. One other problem would be skirmish chests, unless they let it progress normally like as is then it's not a problem I guess.

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