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Need Help with making a guardian build

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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If you saw my post I have no ideas on how to make this guardian work like I wanted to. What I'm wanting to make is a character that can withstand anything while able to punch back. I mean I know he has the less heath in the solider class but with his ability to heal and aegis himself like every 5 seconds. I would like aegis and retaliation to play a part in this build since it seems like the guardian has skills that give him those to and traits that buff it up. I will say the skills that interested me are the sprit weapons as those who don't want to have floating weapons attacking your foes. As for gear, I was think somthing that boosts toughness and power or condi with a bit of healing power for self-healing. I will say the one thing I'm sure of is using the rune of Dolyak for extra healing I would say I try to make my build base of paladins or battlemages in Skyrim. Any thoughts on how I can makes this build, I'm all ears.

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The easiest way to make a good Spirit Weapon build is to use Sword of Justice with Eternal Armory (Zeal GM trait) to inflict tons of Burning. The standard condi PvE builds do that, alongside Radiance to get Renewed Justice (resets your F1 cooldown when you kill stuff) and Amplified Wrath (MOAR Burning).

For PvE, condi guard has three things going for it over a lot of other condi builds:

  1. Your ability to inflict burning on any attack means you're not quite as pigeonholed in terms of weapons and utilities as other condi builds.
  2. Runes of Balthazar massively boost your Burn output without having to put a lot into Expertise, giving you room to boost other stats.
  3. Burning is naturally "bursty" (big damage in a short duration), so you can kill trash mobs or damage bosses during burst intervals a lot better than, say, a Torment Rev.

So, a fruitful place to start might be an existing condi build with some slightly tankier (Dire, Trailblazer, or Carrion) gear.

HOWEVER, getting this to work with Retaliation is tricky: Retal builds benefit from Toughness and good Protection uptime to reduce incoming damage, but the Retal damage itself scales with your Power, so it's going to be pretty rubbish in a tanky condi build.

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Core Guard?

Many sources of Retaliation, Aegis and Protection, it's Bursty, has lots of CC, tons of AoE Burning, several sources of healing and is tanky without sacrificing a lot of stats. Just the two rings.

Combo Binding Blade pull into your AoE, using Hammer of Wisdom and Glacial Heart to prevent mobs spreading again, lay down a Sword of Justice to set everything ablaze and a Bow of Truth to keep your health up. Litany of Wrath is basically god mode if you use it right before your burst. Switch to Sc/Sh for more aegis and Sc #2 for more AoE + burns.


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