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  1. It's hard enough to get this chain of events completed with lower map populations because of PoF, but it is REQUIRED for Chucka and Chumpawat.
  2. Events scale up when people just run through on their mounts
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY - the next to last stage, BEIGARTH won't accept salvage and the camp becomes locked at that point.
  4. Finally, After spending an hour doing it all the other night, almost have it finished (as in a couple more bombs to place), I get kicked to a new map that has barely begun the event.

Please take a look at these large chain events that are required for Legendaries. Thank you.

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I absolutely second this exact post. I just started this at daybreak, about 5 of us from start to finish, with spikes of up to 15. No breaks in anything,. Even with calling for help in map chat and stacking almost 25 people shuttling salvage, we still did not get the last 2 bonbs planted.I run meta's throughout HoT, PoF and Sw, DT....you name it. By all measures and standards this is fubar

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