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Game rewards braindead builds

K K.3514

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Honestly would you play a game that contains following:

  1. The easiest and most faceroll build you can find is also the highest performing. Want to play a build requiring skills? Forget it, you are going to under perform, vs monkey builds.

  2. Devs don’t nor do they care what the community says. They will promise you something and then proceed to give you something totally different.

  3. Dead games. You can only play within a 4 hour timeframe per day. If you decide not to the game will punish you and give you +3. While if you should loose one game (since you get 3 silvers with or bots with you), you can wave goodbye to -26 points.

  4. Oh. If you decide to fight for a title no1 cares about, you may as well wintrâdê, since Arenanet do not care, and they cannot even remove your title.

  5. If wintrading ain’t for you, feel free to fly hack. They care even less about that.

Do yourself a favour and quit the game. The game has to be legendary prank made by arenanet. They do the same as they did in Guild Wars 1 - abandoning the game. They do not care about you or the game.

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yoloing zergs in wvw to assassinate 1 person, and then trying to run away was fun on guardian.Now it's not possible, so I yolo zergs with a kite, because damage is such a joke I can fly kites until I'm bored, zerg barely has enough damage to kill a zerk with 11k hp.

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And thats true. sPvP since ESL stopped supporting and PoF came out was like inclined plane, resultant force of bad (or rather lack) balancing, too many OP specs at one time, no interest from ANet side and now hordes of bots and cheaters. Clap clap ANet, keep going

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