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[SOLVED] Stuck at 98% World Completion, Have EVERY base game map to 100%

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My world completion is at 98%(Hearts) 303/303(Hero Challenges) 189/189(Waypoints) 474/486(Vistas) 221/226(PoI) 636/653Now please please please dont tell me to hover over each map and see which ones are not 100%, Ive 100% and gotten the completion reward for every single base game map. Im not sure how I can be missing all these PoI's and Waypoints. My content guide is gone, where it normally pointed me twards new stuff and maps I hadnt finished, it has dissapeared. I have methodically looked over every single map and i have all of them completed. This is really annoying me because I have no way of knowing what and where these missing points are since my content guide is gone, and EVERY online thing ive looked at is just people telling the poster to check which maps arent 100%, all of my maps are 100%. Any one who has experienced this block with advice would be very appreciated.

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Since you've done all the hearts and HPs, you are missing one of the cities.

  • Lion's Arch
  • Black Citadel
  • Hoelbrak
  • Divinity's Reach
  • The Grove
  • Rata Sum

I'd guess either Hoelbrak because it's surrounded by other maps so if you've been there once to unfog it, it's easy to assume you've done it, or Lion's Arch because you can easily forget you haven't actually finished it if you spend a lot of time in it. But it's definitely one of those 6 places so you only need to check 6 maps.

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I agree, it looks like a city is missing, and the Black Citadel seems like the most likely candidate since that has 12 waypoints, 5 vistas and 17 points of interest, exactly the numbers you're missing.

I think it's also one of the areas which is unfogged automatically, which probably makes it easy to miss, although it's also on the corner of two maps and a large inaccessible area, which also means it wouldn't be obvious if it's not unfogged.

Also, just a note: most of the city is fairly open and easy to navigate but the central core has multiple layers. To get all the POIs you'll need to go into the central sphere and then down a ramp on the right hand side and into an instance. Then back out the instance and all the way up the spiralling ramp in the centre of the sphere, and into two or three small instances off to the sides to get all the POIs. There's also at least one down in the Bane (the big pit to the west of the central sphere) and there's a waypoint and vista in the Gladium Canton, which is a covered area to the south west of the core. It's not a difficult map to do but it is one where trying to rush it (especially on a mount) can actually make it harder.

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Stupid me I literally made a spreadsheet of every map and referenced over it like 5 times, somehow managed to blind spot Black Citadel every time. I feel so dumb idk how I overlooked BC every time, thanks for the help im a dummy. Sorry for being an ass and getting frustrated when it was my own fault lmao.

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