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[EU][SFR][PvE] Casual player(s) searching open community

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Hi!I'm a returning player from Italy. Since returning i mostly solo'd or pugged the content, but for a while i felt like starting to raid, so i decided to start searching for a guild with open, not toxic community.I'm not a hardcore gamer and I try to not spend a lot of time on the game daily, but I try to play a bit every day.I have both expansions and waiting for sales on lws3/4.As for raiding/fractals i'm working on ascended gear, but i have full exotic on my main character.Also, I know that there are nodes available in guild halls. If needed, I can help buy/farm/whatever to build these nodes.Possibly, i have two friends who might be interested in joining too. As far as i know, they're interested in both PvE and WvW and have both xpac.Thanks for your time!

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