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SAME trailer, re-released

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I didn't see it "flagged" anywhere. I did see a new blog in the News page today with a video of voice actors explaining the lack of VA in Ep 4.

The thing is, ANet used to give us the trailers one week in advance. And there were complaints about the short notice so now they are giving us a longer heads up (which makes me happy, the teasers in the trailers help guide preparatory rp quite nicely). That doesn't mean they have to double their effort and give us two different trailers just so there's something *new" one week before the release.

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It's called a "feed algorithm". YouTube determines what videos you'll like to watch based on ones you've seen before, up to and including watching it again.

You may be getting confused with the new video released today, containing the same message (but different lines and actors), where the VA's explain that the next chapter will not contain Voice Acting because of COVID. If you're that bored, why are you watching it? Might I suggest playing a video game?

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