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PvP changes

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Merry Meet everyone.I have been away from Guild Wars 2 for several years. I got wrapped up in another game. Well Surfice to say I just tried PVP out last night and I'm very sadly disappointed. I don't normally like PvP at all but this game had my interest in PvP atleast a little bit. I know my ranking is pretty low at rank 8, but that is more than I have in other games. I must say I liked playing games against others without the attatching others I don't get off on beating other players up. But I liked the old system. I'm wondering if we could have it back under a different catagory name maybe.I can't be the only one that enjoyed the games without the violence.

I wish I remembered more about the old system to give exact examples of the games. But I have less than 50% of my memory left after all the years I've had seizures. I just know this system isn't what I remember and liked.

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I have a really bad memory but it seems like there was a snowball fight, one concerning getting enough ale to a particular location. They were games that you competed with other players in but fighting wasn't apart of it. I think there was a capture the flag one. as I said my memory is very bad thanks to seizures. What is the old Hot Join?

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