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Strikes: Please add a "Disable Hints" option...

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I know these missions are meant as a raid stepstone, and some new players will enter them as some of their first instanced group content... but All of the instanced story modes have the Exit feature starting from level 10. If you have gotten to the point you can do strikes, you have likely done at least one instanced story... I do not need to have a giant popup reminding me after every strike. As with that, I also do not need to know after every single Charrzooka that I use that I have run out of ammo... the weapon is gone, I get it.

I know it is not a massive deal to a lot of people, probably most, and while I can exist and function with these "tips" popping up 6 times a day, or more for the ammo, it is a fairly constant annoyance for me and several of my guildies. Also, while we have looked around in settings, if there is some way to do this I have missed both in game and googling, let me know!

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It also blocks you from seeing how many shards you get on Shiverpeaks. I raised this weeks ago...nothing will change. Just one of a hundred things wrong with strikes. (and don't even get me started on bosses that spam CC and go immune while doing absolutely nothing)

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