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Bolt I is an impossible achievement.

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@Cyninja.2954 said:Not true.

The temple events are on 2 hour timers. What makes it difficult is that the events all require prerequisite event chains to complete. Which makes it hard to nail the time when the event is up. Result of the megaserver system.

This. If it was impossible, no one (including myself) would have been able to craft the weapon. ;)

It requires patience and dedication. Just standing at the temple grounds and hoping for the best won't cut it.

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As noted on the wiki the item can be obtained from both the assault and the defend events. I haven't timed the defend events for the Dwayna temple but for Grenth it was something like 20-30minutes. I believe all the temples use the same timers so that should be applicable.

Requiring spawn camping does suck but it is far from impossible.

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I did this for my Astralaria collection. I just parked a character there and checked every 10 minutes or asked in map chat if the event was recently done and calculated the estimated time to restart.In addition, I even found someone who was doing events there and asked them to whisper me if at all the cathedral event happened (as long as they were there) while I went about doing my thing on another map. Great person.

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