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Character's Face Messed Up

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My main character Tiny Murder Mittens has a really messed up face after using a Total Makeover Kit. I rebooted the game, the computer and no change. I cannot get another kit to use. (not enough gems) Any other suggestions? I will also put this in the here although I don't know how else anyone can help. dies When I hit the H key she looks fine. One of my friends asked if she was wearing a mask so anyone can see it.

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This is the first time I see this kind of bug. You said that other players can see the bug too, so it doesn't seem like a client-sided bug. I doubt repairing your client would do anything.

Your best bet is contacting Support (link at top / bottom of the page) with the screenshot and ask them for another total makeover kit. Hopefully this makes the bug go away.

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