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Dragonfall - Championship Bout Achievement


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Welp. I'm late to the party...even though I normally try to avoid it and get what I need during that 2-week window of rapid player consumption of the content. I thought I'd ask here before resorting to asking my guild, in which I've been sort of inactive.... I don't want to be that guy and pull a "Oh, hello everyone. Long time no see. Hey, can you help me kill a couple champs real quick?"

Anyway...does anyone still need/want this achievement? It's worth 5AP, and you unlock a mist shard chest piece. I'm only missing the Arbiter of the Dead and Nature Elemental (not to be confused with the Ley-infused one that follows the meta). These, and maybe the Abyssal, aren't regularly killed after the meta. So, if you've done the Dragonfall meta at least once, then chances are that you're currently sitting at 9/12 champions defeated.

If not, then have any of you successfully solo'd either the Arbiter or Elemental? I've tried and failed so far. It's really irritating to have to squeeze these in between map refreshes. I almost got the Arbiter down but ran out of time. The elemental, I haven't figured out a strategy for yet....

Actually, I think I'm willing to contribute to people's coffers to get this done....

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Appreciate it! I did find a way to cheese the Arbiter with Deadeye lol...while someone kited all the minions. So, that's one down. Low DPS shouldn't be a problem with the elemental. It hits like a truck on steroids, so the biggest thing is endurance management. It's very anti-melee, too. Well, since no one else needs this, I'll give it a few more attempts. Will recruit your help if I can't figure it out. Thanks again!

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I think it is even easier now if you join a good map. The key farm groups I see are very well versed on the map and kill all the post meta champs fast. At the release most people didn't know the fastest route and failed the timer often.

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