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Weapons in the hands of races?

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Is there a reason that for almost all the swords in almost all the races hands they are holding the sword waaaaaaay to low on the hilt to use properly and it just looks bad? is this a known thing or just something only I notice? I am brand new so please be kind with your responses.

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It'll likely to be a tech thing involved in the way the character models or animations need to work for some things across the races (I'm guessing - I'm not a tech person). It's been picked up before on occasion, but it's one of those things I doubt most really notice due to all the effects going off. I only notice it on my weaver when I'm standing around posing.

It's not just swords - a lot of weapons are held awkwardly. I've seen threads on greatswords useage and balance points, shields held away from body when stowed (due to clipping avoidance) and so forth

You get used to it usually and it just becomes part of the quirkiness, after all Guild Wars never went in for the realistic approach.

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they haven't even fixed the bowstring disappear bug yet (exists since mounts were introduced)

[equip a bow] → [mount up] → [use mount attack] → [bye bye bowstring]

the only way to get around this bug is to uncheck your bow to hide it when stowed so when you draw it the bow string gets re-rendered every time -or- un-equip then re-equip your bow (weapon swapping has no effect)(just don't use a mount attack again if you don't want it to disappear with the latter workaround)

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