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PvP Interface Stuck with Automated Tournament Queue

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I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but the Melandru Tournament seems to have a lot of bugs in it. A day ago, the entire tournament stopped progressing to the second match after the first, this applied for every team that participated it seems. I joined the Melandru Tournament again today and a lot of us encountered the issue where we can't enroll at all. Some of us did receive an interface that shows that we have enrolled. In my case, I was told that my team has enrolled but we decide to disband anyway since the tournament wasn't progressing at all. Then my problem came, I couldn't leave the tournament queue at all and it's option returned back the usual exiting/entering the pvp lobby. However I can't queue any pvp matches at all as the interface is bugged with Melandru Tournament stated on the panel still, queuing with a friend doesn't make it any better either. It has been like 5-6 hours and I still encounter the same issue.I tried a force-leave-queue option too like swapping maps or playing a different group content like fractals or wvw where it'll give a popup that I'll leave the party and tournament queue if I proceed so. All results stayed the same however, the pvp panel and interface still insists I'm in a tournament queue.

Please solve this issue asap as it is bothering me a lot that I can't continue my progression for the legendary trinket Transcendence.

May I add that I tried to submit a ticket but once I'd signed into my account in the support site, it logged me back out continuously so I had no other choice but to submit a ticket as an anonymous, which ArenaNet directed me to their customer support team instead. Um, alright. I have submit multiple tickets before and this is the first time I'd fine an in-game bug extremely bothering and annoying, not to mention the whole support site could be bugged as well. I hope all of this actually gets resolved soon.

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