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LFGuild HoD (NA, New Player, PVE)


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Hello everyone!

I'm just getting into the game for the first time. I have both of the expansions as well as a level 80 boosted Guardian I'm looking at maining. I want to join a guild that will help me as well as be a community of people to hang out with. I'm not looking for anything super hardcore and I'm primarily PVE focused, but willing to learn PvP. I am located in the Central US timezone and I play on the Henge of Denravi NA server. I'm willing to server swap if needed. But yea, super new to the game and very lost on what I'm supposed to be doing and I would love to be apart of a guild that is super casual and helpful.

My Discord is Spencer#8656, I will reply faster there!IGN: FlexCity.9630

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