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New Gemstone Items missing

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Ref: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/458/news-gemstore-items-new-returned-sales/p23

@Astral Projections.7320 said:

Returning This Week

Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang—25% OffGrenth Hood—30% OffPhantom’s Hood—30% OffFoefire Mantle, Foefire Greaves, and Foefire Wraps—25% OffMad King Mounts Pack—20% OffFurrocious Cat Ears—25% OffDevil Horns—25% OffWhite Wings Glider Combo—20% OffBlack Wings Glider Combo—20% OffBlack Lion Keys and Scrap Package

Gemstone item are not in store, namely the White Wings Glider Combo. This was announced a few days ago, but items are still missing to this day. Posts kept getting deleted on the reference thread, so I ended up having to post here.

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