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Dry Top Blue Man

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It's unfinished content. GW1+2 the original teams used a naked man to indicate unfinished content. In gw1, though had him flesh covered, so he really stood out. lol.(Man, did people freak out in Tsumei Village when they looked under the bridge.)

Out of all the boundary breaks I did with my skyscale, that one I found to be the most interesting.

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Dry Top is weird, there's a huge empty space to the north of the map which is exactly the size and shape of Silverwastes. It makes me think the original plan was that they'd both be one map but they were split at some point in the development process.

As for the blue guy I seem to remember someone finding one before and someone from Anet saying they use them to measure scale, to make sure things are the right size compared to player characters - but they're supposed to be removed before a map is released. I suppose if it's in an area we're not supposed to get to anyway they don't worry about removing them.

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