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[NA] returning player looking for casual guild


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I'm located in Fort aspenwood. Started playing gw2 at launch and haven't played much since season 1. Starting to get back into it slowly, but since I now am this old adult person and work full time. I am 29 and work in the IT department of a power Company. I try to play after work when I can, and I recently purchased heart of thorns and path of fire and I am mighty rusty! I'm just looking for people to do quests and just not be alone all the time. I'd be interested in learning other parts of the game like fractals and raids, but I'm a bit too rusty right now to jump right into it.

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Haha oh I know. I get called old mostly for going to bed at 8:30-9 and most of my close friends are much older than myself. My workplace is quite an older workforce, me being one of the youngest employees of our plants.

Honestly I'm not sure I even play long enough to commit to raiding but I'm not against trying.

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