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How Tall Is Kasmeer Exactly?

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It's been a while since I've decided to open up a topic that has nothing to do with anything, and so as I've been looking through some of the beasiatry, I recall that Kasmeer is frequently used as a symbol of measurement. Only, I've never found out where it says how tall she is exactly, if that information even exists.

... Yep. Random, pointless question.

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I'll be the downer here, and say that Lore actually doesn't state her height as being a unit of measurement, but her Weight. I recall a living story instance, where there is an elevator issue somewhere, and Taimi propose to send Kasmeer up there, while she, Rox and Braham have to wait, because together, they weight as much as 14 Kasmeer

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@Randulf.7614 said:

@Dawdler.8521 said:She is exactly 1 Kasmeer tall,1 Kasmeer wide and 1 Kasmeer deep.

Doesn't that make her 1 cubic Kasmeer?

No that just means a very terrible person gave 3(or 4 since it is also a weight) different units the exact same name.

or maybe that makes Kasmeer 1 unit Kasmeer in volume but that would probably only work for doing calculations on Kasmeer shaped things

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