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PREDATOR rifle needs a sound overhaul

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Legendary - ✔️Sniper rifle - ✔️Badass flames and animations - ✔️Star wars pew pew -

It's a slick rifle with flames, a charr head and a suppressor. And what happens when you fire such a badass rifle? A punny pew pew. We don't want to be Hans Solo. If the rifle looked like a piece of Asuran tech then yes the pewpew is justified but when made from the blood and sweat of the Charr, you expect the rifle to sound like one. Rytlock is probably traumatized somewhere.On a serious note, Devs if you're reading this please consider a sound rework for the Predator. It's one of the best gen1 and needs some love and attention.

PS - While you're at it, can the roller Beatles get the General Grievous's pod bike sound?? Anything close to it also would be nice :D

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