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[Eu] [GH] Small WvW guild looking for new members!


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We are a WvW guild named Heroic Penguins [HP] and we are located in Gunnars Hold server [EU].

We are currently recruting veterans/new players aslong as they are motivated and want to improve and become a part of our Penguin team.

We have 2 raid days which is wednesday and sunday at 8.30 pm cet /7.30 pm uk.

Wednesday is a PVX day which means we either do WvW ,Pve or PVP. Depending how many that joins we might do Raids , Strike missions or even Meta runs.

We got our own WvW builds and what we are aiming for is to have a small scale guild of a team with 10-15 to fight 25+ .

If you are interested or got any questions feel free to contact me in game : Kavazi.5496 or on discord Keeper#8467

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