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An update regarding voice acting in Guild Wars 2

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hi everyone,

We’re so grateful for the patience and understanding our community has shown regarding the delayed voice acting for “No Quarter” and “Jormag Rising.” We’ve been eager to get back to recording, but since the pandemic is ongoing the health of the actors, ArenaNet employees, and recording studio staff is paramount.

While adjusting to developing Guild Wars 2 remotely, we’ve also been hard at work on solutions so we can move forward with our cast of over two dozen actors while keeping everyone safe. Our audio department created home recording kits for the voice actors, and on July 21 we recorded our first remote session!

We’re recording the most immediate upcoming content first—the new fractal—so you can experience it with voice acting right away. We’ll also record voiceover for the “No Quarter” and “Jormag Rising” cinematics. In September we’ll work on recording the remainder of the content for Episodes 3 &4.

This timeline allows us to accommodate actors’ schedules and gives our audio, cinematics, and game development teams time to implement the material. When we add English VO for content, we will add the French and German VO at the same time.

We can’t wait to bring the talents of our amazing voice cast back to Tyria. Thank you for all your support and stay safe!

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I don't know if any would be willing or able but would be pretty neat if one or several of the voice actors could do a vlog style set up of showing off the recording kit and then maybe a few (no spoiler ofc) lines and maybe talk about the differences between in studio and at home etc. In the same vein of how a few videos have gone up about old episodes and tackling different challenges of a character or topic that you guys have done before.

Also thanks a bunch for keeping us in the loop. Stay safe.

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Best of luck, fingers crossed everything goes! Also thank you for keeping us in the loop where you can, it is very appreciated as I'm sure you can tell by many of the posts on this thread :)Can't wait to hear the heroes of Tyria again!

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