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[EU] Carefreeya is a guild looking for new and casual players (Read for details.)


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Carefreeya is looking for new and casual players! We wish to discover all the game has to offer together at a relaxed pace without judgment or haste from vetaran players. As of 24/7/2020, I am a new player and the guild has just been born. I would like to do everything in the game with people like myself. This includes dungeons and raids (whatever you call them in GW2).

If you are someone who likes to play the game for fun, not just for shiny rewards, you are very welcome in Carefreeya! This doesn't mean we won't ever set ambitious goals. However, we value a pleasant social experience higher than success or performance. A game is supposed to be a break from our often stressful real lives, rather than a competition or treadmill.

This is the spirit in which we set out to build Carefreeya. Thank you for reading. You can contact me in-game in the Ring of Fire channel of the [EU] megaserver. ID: Xaelh.2985


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