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Are the heals in this game Smart-heals?

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Your heals will prioritize your party, then your squad.This is why, for instance, wvw squads are very carefully organized into groups, usually of 5. Each will have a source of boons, and a healer, so the dps can mow down the opposition.

I don't believe it will go to the lowest first. Not sure on that one as I don't play a support.

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@aaron.7850 said:As in.... if I cast a heal skill, will it prioritize those that have lower health?

What if I am in wvw in squad, will my heal ignore the players in dire need of healing just because they are not in my party?

Dev quote...

“Priority is:

1 Party/Subgroup2 Squad3 Allied players4 Your kennel5 Allied players’ kennels6 All other allies”

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