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As I am trying out a few new builds, the overall top stat system got my attention. Since I have no reference that made me think - what were the highest top stats you got post the big Balancing Patch beginning of the year in a sPvP match and made you „the proudest“? Add a screenshot if you like. And by playing which class did you manage to get them?

For me it‘s probably this Unranked Match, because of the % of the team damage output in addition to the % of heal that I provided for the team. I was testing out some builds, while running a Menders Amulet, so I was quite surprised.


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@Tycura.1982 said:Menders guard still has a bit of AoE damageWas going to show a recent one of mine but image won't load.


@Tao.5096 said:I'm playing as Core Shout-Guard in sPvP and sometimes it's laughable how many top stats I get just for being supportive...

You are both definitely right about that, it wasn’t high damage on individual players, but spread out between several people. I only got 3 kills lol =)

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